mardi 24 novembre 2015

Brat - Drugged Rock'n Roll - 2015 (free download album)

Hi everybody, finally, the new album is not so much violent, I worked it in few nights under influence of alcohol and marijuana, I made a featuring with my father.

dimanche 1 février 2015

Brat - The Street Is Bleeding Mixtape

awaiting my new album, here's a mixtape : 85 minutes of violent darkcore mixed by me, specially for poor and not famous soldiers of street.


1. part A
2. part B

mercredi 31 décembre 2014

Brat is not dead....

Hi headbangers, 2011 was the year of the last album, but I decided to make a new one, I hope it will really violent, brutal, hardcore, and agressive, so before 2016, normally there will coming a new schocking album, I hope you're happy motherfucker !!! ;) If you have suggestions, tell dem in comments on this post. cheers !

samedi 19 février 2011

New album : Manifeste d'un homme en lutte

album 12 titres au caractere politique
durée : 36 mn
2011. under creative commons by no commercials share alike

1. c'est un long chemin
2. manifeste de la terreur gouvernementale et le message de la lutte
3. discours d'intronisation d'un dictateur
4. perversion politique
5. police illicite feat. Korpse
6. destruction song
7. l'attaque du ghetto mutant
8. manifeste insurrectionnel
9. cocktail molotov
10. don't lie to me
11. nous sommes en guerre
12. oppression imperiale (outro)

download link (with front and back cover) : click here

listen :

mercredi 19 janvier 2011

Coming soon

Brat - "brutality song part 2"
from the album "the brat experience"
a breakcore-metal track ...

this shit is really hardcore, no ?

Brat - Hope you die by distortion

click on the picture for download

here is my first album under the name of brat, a breakcore album, with a track of dubstep.

Brat - "hope you die by distortion"

1. new world order
2. chaos
3. cyber hacker
4. brutality song
5. batard tronique - porn of the undead (brat remix)
6. judgement day